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STOLEN Star Wars Remix (KujoGodOfWar) - PLEASE READ

2008-10-13 13:29:11 by audixmusic

Hello, I am an electronic artist who releases all my original music and remixes under the name of Audix. Recently, I discovered that the newgrounds artist KujoGodOfWar (http://kujogodofwar.newgrounds.com/) stole my Star Wars remix four months ago and claimed credit for it, acquiring 20,000 plays and nearly 5,500 downloads under his name:

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /151696 (Will hopefully be deleted soon.)

I'm writing this note to ask everyone who downloaded the track to edit the artist name in the mp3 file accordingly. Unfortunately, this song plagiarism has spread to last.fm, I-meem, I-Like, youtube, and several free mp3 sharing sites. We can't fix them all but I'd appreciate your help.

On a lighter note, thanks to all the 240 + people who commented on the track! It still means a lot and I certainly appreciate each one! I recently finished my first album "One Day Millennium," which features 11 tracks in a very similar vein to my Star Wars remix (including a fully licensed, dance-club banging Pirates of the Caribbean techno remix). You can check out previews and purchase it for a reasonable price here:


*end short plug* :)

I'll be uploading new tracks very soon. The username "Audix" was not available here at newgrounds so I had to go with "audixmusic" instead. I'll be sticking around. :)

- Audix


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2008-10-13 13:53:16

I hate people like that.


2008-10-13 14:07:28

Just so you know you can get banned for reveiwing that a flash/audio is stolen, whether it is or isn't.

audixmusic responds:

I was not aware of this. I would hope the admins would review it on a case-by-case basis, as I'm just trying to salvage what is left.


2008-10-14 20:14:15

Report it to this user.
By the way, just asking, how long did it take to make?

audixmusic responds:

Yeah, I reported it twice now, once last Friday and once on Monday. Also had a few friends report it too, but nothing has happened yet. :/

Hmm, the track probably took me about a month, best guess is about 25 hours of work total.


2008-10-20 23:10:10

Do you have proof that you made the song?
Cause if you don't, you can't say it's stolen from you.

audixmusic responds:

Of course I do. Check out the upload date on this page:

http://www.soundclick.com/bands/p age_songInfo.cfm?bandID=741366&so ngID=6375912

It's a whole three months before he stole my track and uploaded it. I also recorded a video of the song playing in my host sequencer. I already PMed and emailed all this to the admins.


2008-10-22 14:09:31

Man that sucks that someone would steal your music


2008-10-22 17:52:13

Dudes a Sleeze, cant make his own. Nice job on the music btw


2008-10-22 19:22:14

What a fucking jerk. People like that make me so mad.

I didn't know it was stolen. My apologies.

Its great work, nonetheless. Keep it up! :D


2008-10-22 21:14:17

Damn, who knew? You have real talent, it's too bad others have to resort to things like that


2008-11-21 05:44:30

Audix, i'm very sorry for you.
I'll edit the artist name in the mp3 file.




2008-12-13 21:23:47

you got kujo banned! :D i hope that tought him a lesson.


2009-01-04 08:25:44

im supporting you He is so dum he cant make his own music so he steals it That anoying loser Its very stupid to steal someone elses with out there permission and if you even do steal it you Must give credit to the maker at least if you are going to do it but you shoudnt good luck on your over songs



2009-01-04 08:28:30

he has been baned YAY


2009-03-15 00:42:47

what is this


2009-04-06 21:54:38

In any case, welcome to Newgrounds!

audixmusic responds:

Thank you! I have three songs uploaded now with several more to come. The Star Wars track will see itself uploaded here, too. :)


2009-04-08 18:59:17

I liked his version better, it had more passion then yours

audixmusic responds:

mmm, you're kidding, right? It was the exact same song, which is kinda the point of plagiarism. :/


2009-04-27 23:50:22

Well, I finally uploaded the track under my own name, though it isn't getting anywhere near the publicity it did under the plagiarized name. :/

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/228530

Enjoy! :)


2009-09-08 19:41:36

Hiiiii, im just here to say... YOU FUCKING ROCK! I LOVE YOUR MUSIC AND UR STYLE! WOOT WOOT! like more than average. like, 5ing and favoriting all of your music and adding you as a fav artist wasnt enough. it diddnt do it justice. i feel the need to come here and yell and you for being too awsome! you're hogging all of the talent! lol. keep making awesome music, ill keep listening.



2010-11-06 09:13:29

Maybe you should post that your new name is Sole Signal.
I thought of you as two different persons. :D